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Nationwide Lifts Canada

Home ElevatorsMobility issues plague hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, making daily tasks and movements difficult, even within their own homes. A number of issues can arise from this, including lowered self esteem and further medical issues. Luckily, there are companies that provide the equipment and machinery needed – in-home and in public – that can help those with mobility problems move around freely. At the top of this list is Nationwide Lifts, Canada’s choice for home elevators.

Nationwide Lifts is a purveyor of only the best products that enhance mobility in your life, whether it is in your home or out. There are a number of products available from Nationwide Lifts that can help you make your life more mobile and more efficient:

Traditional Elevators – Home elevators are a specialty of Nationwide Lifts, and they can add value, security and easy mobility throughout your residence. With a wide selection of eco-friendly and economical options, you will find the perfect home elevator at Nationwide Lifts.

Contemporary Elevators – Are you looking for an elevator that not only makes your home more accessible, but is simply installed? With no need for pits or machine rooms, Nationwide Lifts’ contemporary elevators are an excellent option for your home.

Wheelchair Lifts – Many people who use scooters or wheelchairs have difficulty moving throughout their homes. With a wheelchair lift, flights of stairs up to 6 feet high are no problem. This is s safe and secure option for your home accessibility needs.

Dumbwaiters – Make your day-to-day movement easier with a dumbwaiter, which can ease movement of laundry, supplies or other essential items for your business or home.

Stair Lifts – In multi-level homes, it can be difficult for someone with mobility issues to easily get up and down the stairs comfortably and without potential injuries. Stair lifts are the solution to this problem, offering a safe and secure way to access every floor of your home easily.


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