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National Elevator and Safety Week

Elevators are a part of everyday life for hundreds of thousands of people who work in high rise buildings and even smaller office buildings with a few floors. Elevators are essential in the life of people who cannot climb stairs due to a handicap or other disability. Most people have to use elevators at least once a month due to appointments and other activities like shopping or otherwise. The question is: does anyone really know anything about elevator safety?

I’m sure there are a few people who know the ins and outs of elevator safety, but most of us riders probably don’t. Luckily there is a week in November dedicated to such issues. From November 14th to 20th, it’s National Elevator and Safety Week! This week provides a much needed look into the elevator industry from national and local levels, so it is essential to have some kind of activities and presentations planned to inform riders in your building, office or otherwise about.

The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation is one of the major proponents of this event, and has a ton of materials on their website about how to spread the word about elevator safety. This is how the group is promoting the safety week:

“This is a promotion of public safety awareness for the industry’s equipment. Everyone is invited to make this special week a huge success in cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. Safety Week provides a focal point for the industry, on a local and national level, to join together as individuals, companies and organizations and spread the word about public safety in the elevator industry. At the same time, Safety Week is an opportunity to celebrate the contributions made by the industry to the quality of life. Volunteers reach millions of riders with important safety messages in many locations during this celebration.”

Visit the EESF website for more information.


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