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Museum to Get Brand New Elevator

Tourism is one of the biggest financial boons for local areas across America, especially during big vacation periods like the winter and summer. Attractions in areas can be varied across a number of interests – amusement parks, theaters, historical sites – however, none are as popular as museums, which can lend visitors with a new, in-depth perspective on that area of the world. Why go look at Times Square billboards when you can see the spectacular exhibits at MOMA?

One problem many museums have had to deal with for many years is the dated architecture of the buildings that house exhibits. While these structures are beautiful and representative of older times, they also do not come equipped with mobility equipment that make every floor accessible to everyone. That’s the case in Savanna, but not for much longer, according to WHBF-TV:

“Savanna, Illinois has a rich history to show off, but not everyone can get upstairs to see what’s in the town’s museum. Now, the community is working together to raise money for a new elevator. Folks in Savanna say they love checking out the old trains in the town’s museum.”

Luckily, with the holiday season upon us, the museum is beginning to fundraise for the installation of an elevator. The article says local businesses, churches and banks are helping with the cause. Currently, the museum cannot open because it isn’t handicap accessible. The fundraiser will help, but it probably won’t cover the full cost of the new elevator:

“But the Festival of Trees will only pay for a small portion of the elevator, about five thousand dollars. The price tag on the elevator? $250,000. A hefty price that board members say is worth it. “It’s a good investment for Savanna because we want to not only do something for our community, but we want to bring tourists in,” says Jean Ferris, Board Member.”


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