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Museum Built Inside Freight Elevator

Museum in Elevator

So we recently posted a blog about a new elevator museum in Long Island. How about a museum inside of an elevator? Located in Manhattan, this museum could possibly one of the most unique places you can visit in New York.

What is New York’s newest museum called? It is simply titled, The Museum. What is in the museum? Not artwork, not fashion, not sports memorabilia, not even old dinosaur bones. The Museum holds bits and pieces of everyday life from around the world. HerMuseum Elevatore are some of the items on display right now;

• Some broken glass from New York City
• A plastic glove from Paradise Valley, Montana
• A hot water coil heater from Kaunus, Lithuania
• The shoe thrown at George W. Bush at the Minister’s Palace in Baghdad
• Driver’s license, cell phone, and comb salvaged from the pacific Ocean

The motto for The Museum is, “A smart man’s garbage is a foolish man’s fortune & vice versa. So who is behind the museum located inside an old freight elevator? Benny and Josh Safdie, along with Alex Kalman, are the founders of The Museum and the indie outlet Red Bucket Films. The Museum is also sponsored by Andy, Bea, and Kate Spade, adding some star power to the unique attraction.

When visiting The Museum, you can call an 800 number to access a free audio guide that will explain each piece. You can enter each object on display’s number and hear a description on the history of it. The Museum opened last week and around 50 people came to check it out. Since The Museum is located inside a freight elevator, only three guests can enter at a time.

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