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Moscow Metro Getting Some Elevators

Just last week, I was talking about one of the recurring issues involving elevators in the United States – public transportation’s inability to maintain the working condition of elevators in train, bus and subway stations. In fact, the last entry I wrote was about one New York elevator specifically, one with a lot of troubles:

“An elevator at the deep-cavern subway station at 191st St. and St. Nicholas Ave. in Washington Heights may be the worst in the system, a faulty box of steel prone to breaking down and trapping people inside. No. 1 train riders and workers were stuck inside elevator No. 106 five times between October and December, and the elevator was out of service about 25% of the time, according to MTA stats.”

Let’s hope Russia has better luck with their new elevator system, which is being installed at a variety of metro stations in Moscow, according to The Moscow Times:

“All new Moscow metro stations will have elevators for passengers with limited mobility and transparent safety barriers along the platforms, said Nikolai Shumakov, chief architect of the Metrogiprotrans design institute. ‘In every new station, no matter how deep it is, we will definitely make a system of elevators for handicapped passengers. First to the level of the ticketing hall, then to the platform,’ Shumakov told reporters last week.”

One of the biggest concerns for these new elevators is safety, which is definitely being taking into consid`eration. For instance, to protect passengers from falling on the tracks (which happens 100 times a year) safety barriers are being put up along the edge of the platform. Although the system apparently cost a lot to install and operate daily, no problems have been detected yet at any of the stations where the systems have been installed. There is hope for these elevators yet!


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