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More about the Vision 450 Pneumatic Elevator

Pneumatic elevators are one of the more cost-effective designs on the market. Because no excavation and hoistway are needed, the home or business owner adding one of these elevators ends of saving money on installation. The Vision 450 is one design that’s ideal for homes, and the main prerequisite for adding this residential elevator is a flat surface and a nearby power source. All pneumatic elevators use a vacuum concept to move the cab, with a driving machine with turbines removing air from the top of the car to move it upward. The Vision 450 is no different, and other features for this home elevator include:

• Cylindrical cabs with an interior diameter of 32 inches and an exterior one of 39 inches. All cabs are 77 inches tall and offer a panoramic view.
• Cabs that sit at floor level, and no pit needs to be added in installation.
• A 450-pound capacity.
• A speed of 30 feet per minute. Two-day installation. The area should be prepared beforehand permanent power and floor cutouts. Power should be available from above or below. The area should also have a functional telephone jack and power disconnect box.
• Emergency alarm and stop buttons.
• Mechanical locks hold the cab in place.

If your home has limited space for an elevator and machine room, pneumatic elevators, such as the Vision 450, provide an ideal solution. With a shorter installation time and less interior construction, the Vision 450 elevator will quickly make your home more accessible and efficient.


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