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Mobility Gets Some Financial Backing in UK

Stair LiftThere has been a huge movement to give disabled people help when it comes to mobility, especially in the public sector. Slowly, money has been trickling down through government and non-profits to back such mobility options in public areas. A recent post discussed the funding of mobility equipment into public parks. As you know from other posts, many areas are helping these citizens fund some in-home installations of home elevators, stair lifts and the like.

Thankfully, the help being given to elderly residents in the United Kingdom is getting even more support to put in that stair lift, according to an article in LocalGov. The housing minister in the UK is proposing a plan that would put more than £50 million ($78 million) into local housing aid:

“The agencies will provide housing advice and support on moving home, repair services, energy efficiency help and provisioning adaptations such as grab rails and stair lifts to be installed. An additional £20m for the Disabled Facilities Grant – totaling [sic] £200m this year alone- has also been committed for those needing work on their homes alongside £1.5m towards housing…”

The article says the funding is handed out through ‘trustworthy channels’ that will not exploit elderly UK residents. This funding is all part of census data, which indicates that at least one in 5 people will exceed the age of 65 throughout the next decade. A lot of the focus has been placed on these efforts due to a lack of support for mobility planning in the UK:

“The Commission on Funding of Care and Support chaired by Andrew Dilnot last summer called the current system of funding for adult social care ‘confusing, unfair and unsustainable’, and recommended a £35,000 cap on lifetime social care cost contributions and the extension of full state support after the cap.”

Do you think there needs to be more focus on these efforts in the United States? How much importance should be placed on financial aid for mobility purposes?


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