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Massachusetts Has Elevator Issues

I’m starting to think that there are a lot of states having trouble keeping commercial elevators in proper running order. Just in the last few months, I’ve written posts about Washington, D.C., New York City and Iowa having issues running their lifts, but it seems like more states just keep popping up with issues. The latest in this string of negligent states is Massachusetts.

According to the Eagle-Tribune, Massachusetts noticed a backlog of elevator problems in September, causing the shutdown of a large number of safety systems, including those protecting elevators:

“The state began shutting elevators in city schools, garages, the library and the senior center on Sept. 26 after the city failed over the length of the summer to correct violations that included broken smoke detectors, missing fire extinguishers, untested operating systems and failed emergency power systems.”

The most recent shutdown took place at Robert Frost School, where two elevators were shut down, immobilizing a handicapped student stuck on the second floor. This shutdown was in addition to the 16 other elevators that crews have been working on, the article says. The reasons fro the Frost School shutdowns are nightmarish to read, let alone actually fix:

“At the Frost School, on July 20 inspectors found dirty seals, brackets and mechanical parts; broken call buttons for opening and closing doors; missing light guards; and a malfunctioning door that failed to secure the machine room. The state Office of Public Safety and Security closed the elevators on Tuesday, after the 90-day clock to make the repairs ran out.”

The article explains that the handicapped student has been forced to spend his school days in the library and the nurse’s office, instead of in his actual classes. His teachers have been replaced by a paraprofessional until the elevators reopen.

With issues like this, don’t you think that elevators should have their regular maintenance completed on time instead of being left alone?


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