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Make Your Wisconsin Business Accessible to All

If you run an office, store, restaurant, or other business in Wisconsin, you want it to be easily accessible for all customers and employees, including those who use wheelchairs. Nationwide Lifts of Wisconsin offers a complete line of vertical and inclined wheelchair lifts that can improve accessibility at your business.

Our Apex Green model can travel vertically up to 14 feet. It features a skid-free surface and can safely transport up to 750 pounds both indoors and outdoors with its screw-drive system.

Apex HydroThe Apex Hydro wheelchair lift can also transport a person in a wheelchair vertically up to 14 feet. This hydraulic wheelchair lift is the most popular model and complies with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Our Apex Complete wheelchair lift features a fully enclosed platform. It is available with a choice of painted steel, clear acrylic, and tinted acrylic panels to match your business’s décor.

Our high-end Apex Elite model offers superior quality and modern luxury. This platform lift can safely transport up to 750 pounds from one level to another. The Apex Elite wheelchair lift is available with your choice of stainless steel or brass finish and includes glass panels.

Delta IPLIf your business includes a straight staircase, the Delta IPL inclined wheelchair lift is the solution. This model includes a rail-mounted system and folding platform to move smoothly and quietly up and down a straight staircase.

For a curved staircase, choose the Omega IPL wheelchair lift. This inclined lift can be customized to match any staircase and can easily move around corners.

If you own a Wisconsin business, it is essential that you make sure it is accessible to all customers and employees. A wheelchair lift from Nationwide Lifts is the solution you need.


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