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Make Your Massachusetts Business Wheelchair Accessible

Freedom-Commercial-LULAIf you own a Massachusetts business, you want it to be accessible to all of your employees, customers, and clients, including those in wheelchairs. An elevator from Nationwide Lifts of Massachusetts can help you achieve that goal.

We can help you choose the elevator that is right for your business. Our Freedom commercial elevators are large enough to accommodate a wheelchair and can make multiple stops in your building. Our elevators are equipped with standard safety features and can also be customized with design options to match your business’s décor.

If you need to improve access but don’t have enough space for a traditional elevator, consider a LULA. A limited use/limited application elevator is smaller than a conventional model and is intended exclusively for providing access to individuals in wheelchairs. It is the ideal solution for a business in a low-rise building with space constraints that do not allow for installation of a standard elevator. A LULA also requires less frequent maintenance than a traditional elevator and thus will cost less to operate over the long term.

Visi-48-Glass-ElevatorOur Visi-48 and Visi-58 cable-driven elevators can make your business wheelchair accessible and give passengers a panoramic view of your building’s interior. These elevators do not require construction of a pit or machine room. Instead, they can travel through a hole in the floor or be attached to a balcony.

If you own a business, you want to ensure that everyone who works or visits there will have full access to all of your offices, shopping spaces, or amenities. An elevator from Nationwide Lifts of Massachusetts can make your business accessible to individuals in wheelchairs.


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