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LG Pranks Elevator Riders

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Some people do not like elevators for many reasons. Some people are claustrophobic, some would rather take the stairs, and some may be nervous of being stuck inside. Movies like Devil prey upon such fears that people have of being stuck on elevators. Other movies show elevators free falling down the shaft, causing more fears. While it is easy to extract passengers from elevators that get stuck and it is almost impossible for an elevator car to free fall, people are still easily scared. LG pranked some unknowing elevator riders in a viral YouTube video.

LG wanted to do something creative to show off their new IPS monitors. LG wanted to show how clear and realistic their new screens were, so they played a well thought out prank on some unsuspecting elevator passengers.

What they did was create a three by three grid of new LG IPS monitors that were placed on the floor of an elevator. They were synced up and wired into the elevator with some hidden cameras and speakers. When the passengers walked into the elevator, all 9 screens were glowing white, giving the effect that they are just lights in the floor. After they chose the floor the fun began. The elevator lights began to blink and the speakers played screeching noises to make the riders believe something was going terribly wrong on the elevator. Next the “panels” in the floor begin to come loose and fall one by one down a dark elevator shaft. As soon as the fake panels start falling the passengers jump back and grab the elevators arm rails in an attempt to hold on to their dear life. It is funny for the people watching but horrifying for those being pranked. LG used the tagline, “So real, it’s scary” with their campaign, which suited it very well. LG wanted to show off the new IPS monitor’s smooth color clarity, which is clear from any angle. LG was able to capture how life-like the colors show on their new monitors and had a little fun in the process. When the doors opened, all of the passengers walked off the elevator extremely confused with a great story to tell.

LG is known for its clever advertising, especially after its “smart thief” video for their ultrathin television was viewed 5 million times. The hilarious prank was a great way for LG to brag about how amazing the color and clarity is on their new IPS monitors. Bravo LG, bravo.



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