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Large Elevator Project Finished in San Diego

There are plenty of construction projects going on at any given time in the U.S. In fact, you probably passed one or two on your way to work today. However, most of these projects aren’t always new buildings or projects, but instead are set up as improvements to existing structures. In a number of these scenarios, things are added to bring older buildings and homes up to newer building codes and other restrictions that have been written over the years.

When it comes to homes, it is relatively easy to have a home elevator installed – most don’t need a shaft or any major construction, they can be added into your home quickly and simply. On the other end of things – big construction projects – it isn’t always as straightforward. According to an article in Sign On San Diego, the Grossmont Transit Center has been waiting for the completion of a tower which enables easy travel for bus and trolley passengers. It has taken more than 20 years:

“…construction on a 72-foot-tall tower housing two elevators and an adjacent 110-foot-long pedestrian skybridge has finally been completed at the station that boasts more than one million boardings per year. A total of $7.9 million in improvements were made over the past year to the station housed between Trolley Court and Bus Court, underneath Grossmont Center Drive and next to new housing developments Alterra and The Pravada.”

The elevators in the project, the article says, have been installed within compliance of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which enforces non-discrimination towards all people including those needing mobility assistance. It was difficult for handicapped passengers to make it to the buses, etc. before. The elevators have helped with those problems.

The project, which was pitched back in 1989, was funded by several different public and private organizations and companies.



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