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Kinetic Light Show will Brighten Grain Elevators in Buffalo

Buffalo Grain Elevator

The state waterfront agency gave its approval Wednesday for the grain elevators along the Buffalo River to be lit up year-round with kinetic lights. The city hopes that the incredibly light show will draw in more tourism and increase jobs throughout Buffalo.

The plan will not only light up the grain elevators, but also the Ohio Street Bridge and underside of the Skyway, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for tourists. Depending on the budget towards the end of construction, the Michigan Street Bridge and General Mills Kinetic Light Showwarehouse may also be fitted with a kinetic light show.

If things go as planned, many of the sights along the Buffalo River will be illuminated with a spectacle of kinetic lights. In all, they city hopes to have 14 total grain elevators transformed from eye sores to a huge tourist attraction. The light show will go for 45-minute loops, telling a story about the history of the city. The goal is for the light show to be as successful as a similar project in Quebec City that became a huge hit with tourists and drew in over 200,000 people.

“I think this is a great project, and will really highlight the waterfront’s progress, the history of the grain elevators and their impact on the growth and development of the city of Buffalo.” – Mayor Byron W. Brown

The whole project is estimated to cost about $5 million. They hope to have the whole thing completed by late 2014. When all is said and done, seeing the Buffalo River lit up in such a fashion will prove to be a sight people have not seen anywhere else.

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