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Keep Elevator Maintenance on Track

It hasn’t been a particularly good year for elevators so far – primarily the commercial elevators in office buildings and apartment high rises. These types of elevators have been run through the gamut of problems, especially when you consider the lack of maintenance going on in major cities that rely on these lifts to get others from floor to floor with no trouble. These errors in maintenance have been a huge issue, as I have mentioned in previous blog posts.

However, in this rough economy, some elevator companies are relying on their reputation to make ends meet. The Manchester Evening News recently had a profile on a company that is making headway in the elevator maintenance industry after construction jobs had dried up:

“Ansa’s engineers work on almost all the landmark buildings on the Manchester skyline, including the CIS Tower, Urbis, MEN Arena, the Town Hall and the Midland Hotel. Around two thirds of its business is the day-to-day maintenance of lifts for clients like the Co-op, AstraZeneca, Bruntwood and Emerson Group.”

This maintenance focus is predicated on Ansa’s push for customer service, which is harder to come by in the current world economic climate. The move is paying off for Ansa and other elevator manufacturers, who are seeing financial dividends:

“[Ansa’s] turnover for the year to October 31, 2009 was just over £7m, but fell back to £5.4m the following year as new build projects dried up during the recession. But Ansa quickly refocused its business to win more stable lift service contracts, and the business is headed for revenues of £9m in 2011.”

If you are a building manager who has a number of elevators, you definitely need to follow through with elevator maintenance on a monthly basis. This action will keep accidents from occurring during the summer months when power outages can cause incidents. If you have a residential elevator, have your manufacturer complete inspections as well.


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