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Jeeves Dumbwaiters

When Thomas Jefferson installed one of the world’s first dumbwaiters at Monticello, he maximized the ability to move objects quickly between floors without having to walk up a set of stairs. To this day, dumbwaiters are still used for this purpose, moving from wooden cable installations to the modern day mechanical, engine-driven style. Dumbwaiters, in fact, are experiencing a renaissance of sorts, becoming a main source of efficiency for many businesses like restaurants and hotels.

Nationwide Lifts is a provider of premier Jeeves Dumbwaiters, named for the butler who made life easier for many in P.G. Wodehouse’s novels and short stories. These top-of-the-line dumbwaiters truly offer elegance and simple transport for those who need them. The styles offered are:

Jeeves Dumbwaiter – With the ability to lift as little as 75 pounds all the way up to 250 pounds, the Jeeves Dumbwaiter is the perfect choice for those seeking a lower freight capacity for laundry, food, etc. This particular dumbwaiter features a 35 foot height maximum with 4 stops. The finished birch construction fits in beautifully in houses and small inns.

Jeeves Pro Dumbwaiter – This pro version of the Jeeves Dumbwaiter is built to handle a significantly bigger load than the former – up to 500 pounds. For this reason, the Pro comes with two different types of interlocking door gates – a roll-up gate for the 125- and 250-pound versions and a scissor gate for the 500 pound version.  This type of dumbwaiter might be seen at a hotel, primarily used as a way to transport clean laundry and supplies up or down the floors.

Jeeves RST Dumbwaiter – If you are looking for a dumbwaiter made specifically for the food industry, you would do well with the RST. It comes standard with a stainless steel cab and the primary feature of all Jeeves Dumbwaiters – complete UL certification.


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