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Internet Fund Collects for Space Elevator Development

Everyone wants to be an investor. That is, if you look at sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, which allow users to start collection funds for any project they need help paying for. For instance, a musician struggling to pay for studio time can start a Kickstarter project to allow his fans to donate towards the project. Usually, there is some kind of incentive offered by the project creator to entice others to donate. If the project’s goal is reached, the creator gets the money that was collected.Space Elevator

What does this have to do with elevators? Well…one team of engineers is looking to raise money through Kickstarter to get a space elevator project going. According to Red Orbit, they aren’t asking for much:

“And what could be more commonplace in today’s world than a KickStarter campaign to fund the dreams of all aspiring engineers? Lain and his team have asked for a modest $8,000 to “restart the engines” and get their space elevator project off the ground (pardon the pun) and have already far surpassed their goal with a few weeks remaining.”

This project is a little different than the space elevators we have discussed before in this blog – instead of going up to the moon, this elevator would be built from the moon down to Earth. The article says the project creator – Michael Lain – is working on using existing technology to make a space elevator a reality:

“At the peak of their research, however, it had become clear to the team that the technology needed to build a proper elevator to space was years away. Today, Lain says that while this technology is 20-25 years off, the technology needed to build a similar lift on the moon is currently and readily available.”

The Kickstarter started by Lain actually raised almost $22,000, much more than the $8,000 goal. Lain says that his team can potentially build its planned elevator in 8 years, so maybe it’s not too far off!


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