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Installation Problems Lead to Elevator Accident

Elevator accidents are not a very common event, especially considering all of the safety measures that are part and parcel of a proper elevator installation. Between emergency breaking systems and measures that stop the door from opening when there isn’t a life there or when the cab is moving, it seems like accidents involving elevators should never happen. However, as with anything else, there are sometimes incidents due to a number of reasons including system failures and other mechanical anomalies.

Last month, an elevator accident occurred at a Winnipeg school which injured two adults. Surprisingly, an investigation has shown that the accident was not simply caused by a mechanical problem, but from an improper installation. According to the Winnipeg Free Press:

“A spokesman for the office said Wednesday its investigation found a failure to weld certain parts of the lift’s hydraulic cylinder contributed to the incident.

“In this one case, it appears that it was not welded,” the spokesman said.

The investigation into the late April incident at Children of the Earth High School on Salter Street is continuing. No charges or fines have been levied. The fire commissioner’s office has not released the name of the company that installed the elevator.”

The article explains how this type of elevator was supposed to be installed – with “two strategically placed welds” on the elevator’s lifting collar. However, the only thing holding this collar in place were set screws. The Office of the Fire Commissioner is the authority when it comes to inspection and has inspected 40 other access lifts with the same design registered in the same area.

The school is not currently adding any extra information to the story, even though the district has banned its schools from using similar access lifts until they are all inspected again.




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