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Indiana Council Faces Decision on Elevator Repairs

Citizens Square, Fort WayneWe have covered a lot of stories about various elevators throughout the country and the globe that are being installed or repairs. It turns out that issues involving commercial elevators are usually regarded as extremely important, especially when repairs are needed. The majority of times when elevators need work, the problem is brought up to town authorities or other leaders. This is precisely the case in Fort Wayne, IN, where cost overruns are stifling repair work on local elevators.

The Journal Gazette reports that the City Council in Fort Wayne is currently working to figure out how to fit elevator repair costs into its budget. The building in question is Citizens Square, which was bought by the city for $7.3 million in 2009:

“The council Tuesday discussed cost overruns at the new home to city and county government, specifically the need to spend nearly $1 million replacing the building’s six elevators. Controller Pat Roller said that when the city bought the building she believed the city could get four to five years out of the elevators. After everyone moved in, it became apparent the elevators needed work.”

The article says the elevators currently require $10,000 a month in service costs as it stands, making the decision to fix the problems a contentious decision. Budget constraints have made it harder in Fort Wayne, and according to the article, some think the allocation of almost $1 million to fix the lifts is badly timed:

“[D-at-large John] Shoaff questioned whether using the money for elevators was an appropriate use of tax-increment financing revenue, stating that money is intended to be used for economic development. He questioned whether it was appropriate for an unelected body to be making such big decisions, especially in times of tight budgets.”

Has your area had any issues dealing with elevator repairs?


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