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Improve the Quality of Life at Home with a Stair Lift

Indy Lux Stair LiftThere are many people who are restricted in their homes because of physical limitations. Whether it is because of old age or a handicap, lots of people struggle to do simple tasks like walk up the stairs. While most people don’t think twice about walking up and down the stairs, there are millions of people who can no longer do it.

Improving the Quality of Life

To regain independence and mobility, a stair lift should be installed in the home. A stair lift will provide a safe and convenient mode of transportation up any set of stairs. A stair lift will improve the quality of life at home by giving a person back their independence and making the whole house accessible again. Many people are forced to leave their home because they can no longer reach important rooms of the house. Since they are no longer able to live independently, they have to move into an assisted living community. For many, this is a choice that they do not want to make but have to because of the mobility issues they have at home. After installing a stair lift, a person can have the freedom to independently travel between floors and extend their life at home.

How it Works

A stair lift works by using a system that involves a track, chair, and rechargeable battery. First, depending on Indy Curve Stair Liftthe staircase, a straight or curved track is installed up against the wall. A curved track is only used when the stairs take a turn before reaching the next floor and must be custom made. After the track is installed, a chair is placed on the track. The chair will have a foot rest, armrests, and seat belt. The chair can be customized with different sizes, colors, and upholstery. The chair is powered by a rechargeable battery that is plugged into a standard wall outlet. The battery charges when the chair is not in use and most will hold a charge big enough to provide 40 trips. The biggest benefit of the rechargeable battery is that it will never get stuck and can be used even if there is a power outage. The chair swivels when the destination is reached for easy on and off access. Whenever the chair is not being used, it can fold up so it will not hinder the stairs, allowing anyone else to still access the walkway.

The quality of life will instantly be improved after a stair lift is installed. They are an affordable and reliable solution to having mobility issues at home. No longer will any part of the house be unreachable.


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