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How Much Space Is Needed for a Wheelchair Lift?

If mobility is a concern for you or a family member at home or for employees or customers at your business, a wheelchair lift could be the solution. Wheelchair lifts are available in both vertical and inclined models that do not take up nearly as much space as an elevator or ramp, enabling them to fit even into small buildings.

Apex GreenOur Apex Green wheelchair lift can be used both indoors and outdoors. The platform measures 34 inches wide and 54 inches deep. It can travel vertically up to 6 feet. Although a pit is not required, it is recommended that you allow for a 3-inch pit to avoid the need for a ramp. The Green model includes a 16-inch automatic access ramp.

The Apex Hydro vertical wheelchair lift has a standard cab platform that measures 34 inches wide by 54 inches deep. It has 42-inch-high platform side guard panels for added safety. The Hydro model can travel up to 12 feet. A pit is not required, but a 3-inch pit is recommended.

Our Apex Complete wheelchair lift is based on an Apex Green or Hydro foundation but includes an all-around enclosure. It has a 34-inch-by-54-inch cab platform. A 3-inch pit is recommended. It can be used outdoors or indoors and can travel up to 12 feet.

Our high-end Apex Elite vertical wheelchair lift is custom-made and is ideal for hotels, convention centers, and other sophisticated residential and commercial buildings. It is the same size as the other models and can travel up to 12 feet.

Delta IPLIf you need to be able to transport a wheelchair up and down a staircase in your home or business, consider an inclined wheelchair lift. The Delta IPL model can travel up a straight staircase. Its platform measures 27 inches by 36 inches, and it has 42-inch-high platform side guard panels. The Delta IPL wheelchair lift can travel up to 82 feet.

For a building with a curved staircase or landing, the Omega IPL is the solution. It can be customized to transport a wheelchair up and down any staircase and around corners. The Omega’s platform measures 28 inches by 35 inches, and it can travel up to 164 feet.

If you need to improve accessibility at your home or business but don’t have enough space for an elevator, a wheelchair lift could be the perfect option. Choose the vertical or inclined lift that is right for your needs and allow everyone to enjoy all parts of your building.


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