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How Much Space Is Needed for a Glass Elevator?

Vision 450If you need to improve accessibility at home for yourself or a family member and want to enjoy a panoramic view of your house as you ride up and down, a glass elevator is the answer. Several models are available in a variety of sizes to fit into nearly any home.

Unlike many other elevators, glass elevators do not require a pit or hoistway. Instead, they can travel through a hole in the floor or attach to a balcony. They are available in pneumatic models, which use changes in air pressure to move the cab up and down, and cable-driven designs.

If you have limited space, the Vision 350 pneumatic elevator is the perfect solution. It is our smallest elevator, measuring just 30 inches in diameter. It can transport up to 350 pounds and can travel up to four stops. It is designed exclusively for residential use.

If you would prefer a slightly larger elevator, the Vision 450 could be right for you. It has a 37-inch diameter, making it large enough for two people to stand side by side. The Vision 450 can transport up to 450 pounds up to four stops. It is our most popular pneumatic elevator model.

For an individual who uses a wheelchair, the Vision 550 could be the answer. It is our largest pneumatic elevator model, measuring 52 inches in diameter. It can carry up to 525 pounds and travel up to four stops.

If you need an even bigger elevator or would prefer a cable-driven model, consider the Visi-48. It features a unique octagonal design that measures 48 inches at its widest point and offers 11.9 square feet of interior space. It can carry up to 744 pounds and travel up to five stops.

Our largest elevator is the cable-driven Visi-58, which measures 58 inches in diameter. It has the highest weight capacity, 830 pounds, and can travel up to five stops.

Don’t let limited mobility keep you from enjoying all the rooms in your home. A glass elevator can fit into even a small house and allow you full access to your home.


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