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How Does A Stair Lift Work?

stair liftA stair lift can improve mobility at home for individuals who have trouble getting up and down the stairs. A stair lift can be installed either indoors or outdoors on any straight or curved staircase.

To use a stair lift, a person presses a button on a call box that makes the lift move to the top or bottom of the stairs where it is needed. The rider sits on a seat, places his or her feet on a footrest, and presses a button to move the stair lift up or down the staircase along a rail attached to the stairs.

A stair lift can operate using one of two systems. A motor-driven belt system has a chair mounted on a belt that is housed in a rail that runs along the length of the staircase. The belt moves in a way similar to a conveyor belt to transport the chair from one floor to another. When the chair reaches its destination, sensors cause the belt to stop moving.

Some stair lifts operate using a rack-and-pinion system. With that system, the chair is mounted on a pinion with teeth. The pinion rolls along a rack that connects to the teeth in a way similar to a gear to transport the chair up and down the rail along the staircase.

Some stair lifts are wired into a home’s electrical system, while others are powered using rechargeable batteries. Operating on battery power allows the stair lift to continue to function even in the event of a power outage.

If limited mobility is a concern for you or a family member, a stair lift could be the solution you need. A stair lift can be installed on any staircase inside or outside your home to make all parts of your house accessible.


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