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How Does a Pneumatic Elevator Work?

A pneumatic lift is one of the more contemporary designs for residential elevators. This type requires minimal installation and fits easily into most homes.

Vacuum elevators utilize a group of turbines located at the top of the cylinder to provide lifting power. There is a seal above the car, which allows the vacuum above pull the car upward. The car is locked into place with electro-mechanical brakes upon arriving at upper levels. When moving downward, the elevator is silent as the turbines are not running. The vacuum elevators do not require a machine room as the controller and turbines are built into the top of the cylinder. The hoistway is integrated into the vacuum elevator design, so it saves construction costs with remodels.
The benefits include ease of installation. This elevator has a small footprint, allowing it to fit almost anywhere. It is easily added to an existing home.

The negative points include noise, bouncy ride, and code compliance. The turbines make a fair amount of noise when moving in the up direction. The car will bounce slightly when moving over seals in the cylinder. The vacuum elevators are very safe, but do not meet every requirement in elevator code. There are many states that will not allow permits for this elevator.


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