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How Does a LULA Differ from a Traditional Elevator?

LULA elevatorIf you need to make your small business accessible to individuals in wheelchairs but don’t have enough space or funds to install a large elevator, a LULA may be the answer.

A LULA is a limited use/limited application elevator. It is a cross between a traditional elevator and a wheelchair lift that looks and rides like a conventional commercial elevator. Unlike a traditional elevator, a LULA is designed only to provide access to people in wheelchairs. It is not meant to be used by the general public.

A LULA elevator requires only half as much space as a conventional commercial elevator. A LULA elevator can fit into even the smallest of spaces, such as a closet. The inside of a LULA measures only 18 square feet, making it large enough for one person in a wheelchair. It is not meant to transport more than one person at a time.

A standard elevator requires a 48-inch pit, but a LULA needs just 14 inches. It requires only 102 inches of overhead space for an existing building and 134 inches for a new construction.

A LULA can travel vertically up to 25 feet, making it a good option for a small business located in a low-rise building. It can travel at a speed of up to 30 feet per minute and can safely transport up to 1,400 pounds.

A conventional elevator has a hoistway made of concrete. The hoistway for a LULA, on the other hand, can be constructed with wood or sheetrock.

Unlike a traditional elevator that requires monthly maintenance, a LULA only requires maintenance once every six months. This dramatically reduces the overall operating cost over the lifetime of the elevator. The maintenance costs of a traditional elevator often exceed the cost for the purchase and installation of the elevator.

A LULA elevator could be the solution you need to make your business accessible to customers and employees in wheelchairs. It is ideal for a small business in a low-rise building with limited space and budget.


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