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Hospital Elevators Facing Maintenance Problems

Every year around this time, reports begin coming out about elevators breaking down all over major Metropolitan areas. The primary reason for these breakdowns is usually power outages caused by brownouts due to high volume electricity usage in these areas, but sometimes there is another reason: a lack of regular maintenance. This issue has plagued a number of schools, government buildings and residences that have been discussed in this blog before, but this problem is particularly concerning when it occurs in buildings where time is of the essence.

This is the cause of concern in Malaysia, where hospital employees are dealing with faulty elevator service. According to The Star, an incident occurred that brought this issue to light:

“…an incident [happened] two days ago where a pre-mature baby and an accompanying nurse were trapped in one of the elevators. The incident occurred about 7.15pm on June 5 and the nurse and the baby were stuck in the lift for about one hour and 10 minutes. The lift door failed to open until a technician was called to open it.”

Luckily, the baby was not harmed or in any imminent danger of being deprived of air because he was connected to an oxygen tank. The article says it took more than 30 minutes before the elevator technician arrived to help restart the elevator. Authorities at the hospital are using the situation as a time to reevaluate how the elevators are serviced:

“On the 30-minute duration taken by a technician to arrive at the hospital to open the elevator door, [a hospital official] said the hospital’s standard operating procedure (SOP) pertaining to the matter needed review. He said for safety reason, the faulty lift should cease operation until the defects had been identified and rectified.”

This is yet another example of why elevator maintenance checks need to be implemented wherever lifts are used, whether in a commercial or residential area. Your home elevator should be serviced and checked at least every 6 months – make sure of it.


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