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Home Elevators becoming more Popular

Home Elevator
Celebrities often have elevators in their homes because — well, they don’t own homes — they own mansions. When you own 15,000-plus square foot mansions like Michael Jackson did, it isn’t surprising that there would be an elevator inside. However, with people staying in their homes even in old age and families staying super busy, residential elevators are becoming more and more common.

Many people want to grow old in their homes and want to avoid having to go to assisted living. One of the reasons people leave their homes is they have trouble getting up and down the stairs. Being unable to live independently anymore forces people to leave their homes. By installing a residential elevator, those people will have no problem reaching any area of their home. Their bedroom, bathroom, and other rooms on higher floors will now be available to them at the touch of a button.

Families are getting larger and bigger these days. Picking up the kids from practice, carrying the groceries in, and taking care of the pets can be tasking on your body. With a home elevator, you can easily take the groceries up to the kitchen or bring the laundry down to the basement. The convenience that an elevator in your home provides is enough to make it worth the price tag.

You would think that getting an elevator installed in your home would break the bank, but it is far more inexpensive than you might think. For about the same price of a new car, you can have a residential elevator installed into your home. There are many energy-efficient models and elevators that do not require a machine room. When there is no Vacuum Elevatormachine room needed, you will drastically cut down on the installation cost. Pneumatic elevators are a great option for home use. They require no machine room, they are energy efficient, and their cylindrical shape allows them to be installed almost anywhere.

In Los Angeles alone, 93 permits for home elevators were issued in 2012. Also, a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders found that 25 percent of homeowners listed elevators as a desirable or essential feature, up from eight percent in 2001. With the cost not being too high and the benefits being so great, more people are deciding to install elevators in their homes.


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