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High Rise Office Building Has Faulty Elevators

When you leave the office at the end of the day, there’s nothing like the sweet relief of getting home and being able to relax. Sure, you have to deal with a long commute full of heavy traffic and other issues, but once you enter your door, you have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, if you live and/or work in a high rise building with a busted elevator, you or your clients might have to trudge up double digit floors just to get to your abode. If your landlord or building manager gets your residential or commercial elevators regularly inspected and maintained, you won’t have to deal with these problems.High Rise Elevators

Residents of a high rise in Charleston, WV, were not so lucky. According to the Charleston Daily Mail, business owners at a high rise office building have been dealing with not one, but four broken elevators:

“Broken elevators at a downtown Charleston high-rise are becoming more than an inconvenience as tenants in the building complain they are losing business. Mark Hunt has gotten used to trudging up the concrete stairs in the hot stairwell…where his law office is located. Hunt…makes the walk up to his office on the 10th floor at least once a day, and more often if he has outside appointments or leaves for lunch.” 

The major problem with the lack of elevators is not for the tenants, it’s for the clients the article says. The lawyer says that many clients won’t agree to come to his office because they do not want to climb the 10 floors to get there. Two elevators were installed in the historic building, but have stopped functioning recently:

“Two glass elevators were installed to supplement the hotel’s two main elevators in the lobby.  A few months ago one of the glass elevators stopped working, leaving the tenants with only one working elevator.” 

The building management has promised to fix the elevators, but the Daily Mail reports that this still has not been remedied for tenants.


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