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High Rise Elevator Safety Recommendations

With National Elevator and Safety Week coming up soon, it is an appropriate time to look into the world of elevator news and how issues of safety and security are affecting the development of the industry. One of the biggest issues facing elevators is the massive growth of high rise buildings all over the world. We have elevators that can get people up and down these buildings, but finding a way to deal with emergencies and other problems is a major concern of many developers.

In Consulting-Specifying Engineer, the discussion of how to deal with massive high rises and safety is made quite clear in this article. The main focus of the piece is to figure out ways to innovate the design of high rises to accommodate for safety concerns:

“…the risks of fire, fire death, and direct property damage due to fire tend to be lower in high-rise buildings than in other buildings of the same property use. While far from an abysmal record of accomplishment, the continued challenges to fire and life safety warrant a closer look in the context of current design trends and the corresponding innovations intended to address occupant life safety and property protection.”

Two major design innovations the article points to involve issues concerning elevators, including the introduction of pressurized elevator shafts that keep smoke out and the reinvention of elevator evacuation systems that provide safe refuge for passengers caught in emergency situations. These changes need to be made directly in the initial design of elevators, from the ground up during the first stages of installation. Other changes like enhanced communication systems can be fitted to work with existing elevators.


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