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High Cost Elevator Project Approved

Residential ElevatorLocal governments are really getting beaten up by lax elevator inspections and renovations. In the last few months alone, an Indiana council is struggling to get elevator repairs completed due to high costs in the $7 million price tag. Along with that, a high school has found that initial estimates for an elevator installation were under by more than half, doubling the final costs. This theme is a constant within the elevator industry, but really can’t be blamed on any one industry or town authority. Simply put, elevators are needed for mobility and require upkeep to maintain safety standards.

The Fort Wayne City Council knows all about these issues. The Journal Gazette reports that the council members were split right down the middle when it came to financing elevator repairs:

“The council voted 5-4 in support of the $852,557.50 contract with American Elevator Inc. to modernize the six elevators in the new home for city and county government. The need to replace the elevators has drawn criticism because the expense wasn’t known before the city borrowed $17.2 million to buy and renovate the building.”

Formerly, a redevelopment commission approved spending of tax increment financing up to $950,000 for the project in January, the report says. The problem – according to opponents of the spending – is the source of the money, not the elevator repair work. In fact, the need for the repairs is apparent to all involved, even those opposed to the spending:

“Since [last spring], the city has spent about $10,000 a month maintaining the elevators – about 10 times the typical level. There have been instances of people getting stuck in the elevators. [One of the] councilman questioned the point in delaying work that is needed.”

The final approval will come next week, but this story highlights how important it is to make sure your residential elevators and commercial elevators function properly. Regular upkeep and maintenance can not only save you money, but will ensure your safety.


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