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Green Elevators Save Energy

green elevatorsManufacturers produce green products that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, including elevators, with a variety of new models that save energy and operate efficiently.

The biggest green energy-saving innovation in elevator design is the traction elevator, which is up to 75 percent more efficient than traditional hydraulic elevators. They use smaller motors, cables and counterweights to move the elevator up and down that results in a more efficient system that doesn’t require oil and other toxic pollutants.

Traction elevators also use regenerative drive systems that produce additional energy savings by capturing energy that would otherwise be lost as heat and re-directing it back to other parts of the elevator system or back to the building’s main electrical grid. Regenerative drives produce power for lighting and air conditioning and save money by reducing the need for machine room cooling.

Some of the new green elevators are Machine Room-Less (MRL) elevators that use gearless machines in the elevator hoistway, which reduces the amount of material used and saves valuable square footage. Green MRL elevators allow for the most efficient use of a home’s living space with less intrusive construction.

Green elevators can also be equipped with LED lighting that can turn off when not in use, which reduces energy consumption and provides the customer with thousands more hours of bulb life.

Green elevators don’t require hydraulic oil like many residential elevators that require 20 to 25 gallons to operate. Green elevators’ traction system utilizes a small motor instead of a hydraulic pump and oil.

Elevator companies have also borrowed soft-start technology for green elevators to power variable-frequency drives that significantly reduces energy costs.

Energy consumption is the key to what makes an elevator green. But the materials, processes and technology that go into the manufacture are also important, along with the choices of interior paints, flooring, control panels, lighting and HVAC systems. Green elevator cabs can be made from recycled materials, which adds another positive green feature to the design.

Using environmentally safe or green products has become a big concern for many people, who are buying them to save energy and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Green elevators are more eco-friendly than traditional elevators and are being offered by major elevator manufacturers today.


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