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Grants Allow Installation of Mobility Products

Stair LiftThe ability to move around your own home is essential for a number of reasons and not all of them are obvious. As you get older, you may have trouble simply climbing stairs to get to your bedroom at night or not be able to get downstairs to your basement laundry room. When these types of accessibility issues come up, it can shatter a person’s self-esteem to know that freely moving throughout your home isn’t possible. Luckily, there are products that can help and some residents in Kilkenny, Ireland, are getting some much needed financial assistance to enable this mobility.

According to Kilkenny People, a major grant was recently released to help residents install chair lifts and other mobility devices in their homes:

“Senior members of the community with disabilities across Kilkenny will be able to live more independently in their own homes following the release of a €1.867 million ($2.3 million US) grant for improvement works to their houses over the coming year, Fine Gael TD John Paul Phelan has confirmed.”

This grant comes at a time when the world economy is still struggling, yet the government realized the importance of such financial aid, the article says. Phelan says that he wished there was more money available for such programs, but there is usually no spare funds lying around. This most recent grant will work with existing programs to help elderly citizens with costs for specific needs:

“While grants of up to €30,000 are available for improvement works and extensions to facilitate a person with a disability, the majority of claims were under the Grants for Older People which provides for a grant of up to €10,500 to assist householders to have necessary repairs or improvements carried out to their homes.”

People looking to add stairlifts to their homes for mobility can receive up to €6,000 ($7800 US) from the Mobility Aids Grants. Do you think we need more programs like this in the US?


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