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Getting Over the Elevator Fear

I’m a total broken record about how useful elevators are for handicapped people in this blog. It’s not a secret – elevators can get elderly and otherwise immobile people up and down in buildings that have a few stories or more. They allow complete movement from the top to bottom of houses and other residential buildings. But commercial elevators are also useful in buildings with hundreds of floors when climbing stairs is simply not a good option for people going to work.

For some people, elevators may be a hindrance more than a help, no matter how surprising you may find that. When you combine the heights that are being travelled with the enclosed space of the elevator, some people find themselves petrified to ride in any kind of lift. These people experience a type of elevator phobia that elevates (pun intended!) levels of heart rate and anxiety. An article from ABC News has a list of some tips for those who find elevators to be a frightening type of transportation. Here are some of the best ones:

Carry a book of crossword puzzles you can take out when you need to.

Snap a rubber band on your wrist.

Put your keys in your pocket and try to distinguish which is which by feel.

Have some coins in your pocket and try to distinguish which is which by feel.

Pop some strong mints or sour candy in your mouth.

Circle all the five-letter words on a newspaper or magazine page.

Make lists: ordinary tasks, people to catch up with, life goals, etc.

Play a memory game by recalling telephone numbers you call often.

Carry a prickly hair curler and squeeze it in your hand.

Choose a word and see how many other words you can think of that are related to it.

Read. If necessary, take your newspaper, magazine or book and try to read it upside down.

Don’t be afraid of elevators if you can help it – they are extremely helpful and convenient in our daily lives!



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