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Gate Towers Welcome Visitors to Shams Abu Dhabi

GateTowers2Abu Dhabi’s Gate Towers, one of the Middle East’s largest developments, was recently completed.

The development, designed by American architecture firm Arquitectonica, consists of three residential towers connected by a skybridge. It is intended to serve as a gateway to welcome visitors to the Shams Abu Dhabi district, a newly-created land mass near the city’s Central Business District.

The first phase of construction began with the Sky and Sun towers, two elliptical buildings. The second phase consisted of construction of the Gate, a group of three towers connected by a curved skybridge. The 300-foot-long skybridge is a lintel containing 21 duplex penthouses with panoramic views from Abu Dhabi Island to the Arabian Gulf. The lintel glows at night and is visible from miles away. An oval courtyard containing residential and hotel towers is located behind the Gate Towers. The first half of the oval has been completed, and the second half will be constructed in the future.

The Gate Towers stand 781 feet tall, with the highest occupied point being 747 feet high. The buildings contain 66 floors above ground and three below. The towers’ six elevators can travel at speeds of 14 miles per hour. The buildings, which are made of reinforced concrete, contain over seven million square feet of floor space and 3,533 residential units, in addition to office and retail space and leisure facilities.

The development has won several awards and was a finalist in the Best Tall Building, Middle East and Africa category of the 2013 Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Awards.


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