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Future of Elevators Driven by Digital

The future of the commercial elevator seems to be entrenched in the world of technology. This may seem obvious considering all of the technology that goes into the mechanics of lifts, but the speed of digital technology is changing other things about the elevator. Beyond the new speeds that elevators can reach and the types of lifts that can now be created, digital tech is bringing a new element into the fold – interactive TV screens.

In a lot of ways, this move is not surprising, especially since elevators and advertising go hand-in-hand. Now, it will be significantly easier for many advertisers to be seen in the same elevator – making money for the manufacturers and, most likely, the building operators. According to an article in Bloomberg Businessweek, having screens in newly installed elevators will provide a number of welcome changes:

“…there are still new things the old lift can be made to do. That includes doing more to apply digital technology to inform passengers of problems or provide advertising and brief bursts of entertainment. Still, elevators can do a better job of informing passengers and building managers and also of entertaining captive passengers. That could mean TV screens delivering advertising or, in the rare case of a trapped passenger, video conferencing with rescuers.”

Another major improvement, the article says, is the installation of an elevator ‘black box’ of sorts, which will allow building administrators and safety crews to download and inspect what the problem of an elevator stoppage might be. This type of elevator technology is currently huge in European and Asian markets and will become more prominent in North America over the next few years.

If you install a custom elevator in your home, would you ever consider adding a screen to pass the short amount of time you are travelling? Do you think they are necessary in commercial elevators elsewhere?


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