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Freedom Green: Enhance Mobility While Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Freedom Green elevatorIn 2012, going green surpasses an out-of-the-ordinary lifestyle choice. Instead, making environmentally-conscious decisions on a daily basis is essential, and those smaller choices – such as recycling a can instead of tossing it in the trash or opting for green light bulbs – add up over time. But, if your home or building must be equipped with a mobility system for improved accessibility and better independence, what choices do you have beyond a hydraulic elevator? Consider the Freedom Green from Nationwide Lifts.

Luxurious yet affordable, the Freedom Green is a home elevator characterized by a traction drive system. This mechanism makes the Freedom Green environmentally-friendly on two fronts. First, the traction drive employs a counterbalance system, and the elevator’s motor, as a result, requires less power – up to 50 percent, to be precise – to operate.

Although hydraulic systems are common for home elevators, they have one significant drawback. 20 to 25 gallons of hydraulic oil are needed to operate, and should this lubricant leak, it can cause an environmental hazard. Because the Freedom Green operates sans a lifting cylinder, hydraulic oil is not necessary.

Within your home or small commercial building, the Freedom Green has even further benefits. The design, first off, is economical, in terms of construction, as a machine room is not required. The cab, as well, can match the interior of your home. As the metallic look of a home elevator can frequently appear out of place with the rest of your décor, Nationwide Lifts offers a choice of colors and finishes for an interior constructed out of 100-percent recycled or recovered wood content.

Beyond these features, the Freedom Green offers conveniences common with most home elevators. With fully-automatic operation, the system has a 1000-pound capacity and travels at 40 feet per minute with a 2hp motor. On/off lights, a digital display on the operating panel, and home landing round out the features.


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