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First Lady Bans Use of White House Elevator

As we all know, elevators are a very necessary item to have for a myriad of reasons. Along with stairlifts, elevators can provide elderly and handicapped people to ability to move freely throughout buildings now matter how high. This is particularly useful in residential homes, seeing as people should be able to move throughout their homes without forcing their wheelchairs or crutches to seem like hindrances. So who would promote an issue by not using such a useful tool?

In a very interesting and somewhat strange news tidbit, it is reported that First Lady Michelle Obama is banning the use of the White House’s residential elevator from her young daughters. Why?

Well, first of all, the elevator is banned for use from her daughters exclusively. This, according to an article in Take Part, is to help promote the First Lady’s message of fitness and healthy food:

“[T]hat’s exactly what the first lady hoped to get across [to students at Maple Avenue School in Newark, New Jersey]—that everyone has an important role in combating obesity.

‘You can do it just by setting an example,’ Mrs. Obama told the students. ‘You don’t have to change the whole world at once. You can change the person who sits next to you in class.’

As for her own home, Mrs. Obama says she walks the talk. ‘We’ve sworn off the elevator at our home,’ she said. ‘We walk up the stairs. The kids don’t like it, but they do it.’”

With Sasha and Malia not being able to use the elevator and the extremely healthy gardening that the White House has been promoting, I’d say the First Lady is succeeding in spreading a message of exercise and health. I still think it would be great to have a custom elevator in my house – I mean, how cool would that be?


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