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Finding the Right Stair Lift Configuration

larger stair liftAlthough stair lifts all tend to have a similar appearance, the smaller, seemingly invisible factors differentiate each model. Certain configurations prove to benefit narrow staircases better, while others offer enough spaciousness and support to accommodate a wider range of body types.

The fact is, when it comes to mobility devices, there’s never a one-size-fits-all approach that applies. Instead, taking into account specific needs assists with selecting a sufficient configuration, from a building’s available space to a person’s physical limitations. So, what factors are the most essential?


How much weight will the stair lift need to support? As a snapshot of the full possible range, consider Indy Stair Lifts’ product line: The residential Pinnacle stair lift supports up to 350 pounds, while the Indy XL holds up to 500 pounds and is the only such model with this capacity on the market.


indy pinnacle stair liftIf it isn’t evident already, a stair lift unfolded takes up a fair amount of room, but some models occupy more space than others. Generally, the two factors in this regards to consider are how wide a staircase is and who will be traveling along it.

If the gap isn’t particularly wide, consider one of the narrower models available, such as the Pinnacle, which sits just 11 inches from the wall.

Also, make sure your passengers can use this particular stairwell. If someone can sit against the wall and not have his or her knees touch the other side, there’s enough space for both the individual and the stair lift.


In a perfect world, all staircases and corresponding stair lifts would seamlessly fit together. But with homes designed with curved staircases and landings, this isn’t always possible. As such, full accommodation for these less-typical designs may require a custom curved stair lift to be created.

In these instances, a stair lift company visits your home to determine the angles, length, height, and any other physical aspects needed to construct a custom model. Keep in mind that these lifts tend to take longer to create and are priced higher.


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