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Factors for Creating a Custom Elevator

For homes and commercial buildings, custom elevators make an attractive and functional addition. But while Nationwide Lifts’ Artisan Elevators develops these custom fixtures and the visual possibilities appear practically limitless, a few factors must be considered in the early stages:

Overall Design

custom elevators 1Structurally, designers have the capabilities of creating a fixture as minimal as a solid acrylic panoramic elevator and the skills to develop an intricate, old-fashioned birdcage elevator, with hundreds of stylistic options in between. Ask yourself from the beginning, “What will the overall shape and design be?”

As well, think about the doors: side-sliding or center opening can be added to one or two sides.

Colors and Materials

Although the exterior certainly makes a statement, the interior elevators are equally as important – especially if the doors close.

custom elevators 2In this regards, materials and colors encompass a wide range:
• Metals, including stainless steel and several light and dark finishes
• Woods, with solid and laminate and a choice of finishes available
• Marble-like patterns for the floors
• Colors ranging from standard grey to a shade that pops

When you select materials and colors, realize you can create a monochrome look across the ceiling, walls, and floors, or add a bit of variety through all interior components.

Where Will It Be?

custom elevators 3All homeowners and commercial building managers must take elevator placement into account. Not solely for the visual aspects, placement essentially determines just how large an elevator can be. As well, if a hydraulic mechanism appears like the best choice, a home’s or building’s interior requires further space for a pit and machine room.

Possibilities may seem endless, from small closets turned into elevators to fixtures installed into the exterior or along a balcony. Determine the amount of square feet required on each floor as you think about the aesthetic elements, and plan your design from here.


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