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Extreme Heat Affects Elevator Service During Heat Waves

If you hadn’t already noticed by now, the high temperatures outside are indicating that we may been facing one of the hottest summers in history. The extreme heat and humidity don’t just affect those who choose to brave the record-setting temperatures – these soaring indexes can cause serious problems for all kinds of indoor machinery, including elevators.

Although this latest heat wave hasn’t caused any serious blackouts, several spots in North America reported seeing minor outages that have affected elevator service in high-rise apartment and office buildings. For instance, this article discusses a “baby blackout” that roughly 400,000 people in Toronto, Canada, faced during a current heat wave. According to the article, fire crews were dispatched to deal with a plethora of elevator rescue calls. One wheelchair-bound man who found himself stuck in an office building elevator, sent out a Twitter message to Toronto’s mayor, who quickly called and aided the man in alerting authorities to his situation.

One office building on New York’s East 52nd St. had a strategy to reduce the risk of power outages that could potentially stall or completely stop elevator service. According to this article, this building took precautions to prevent any problems by dimming lobby lights, raising air conditioning levels and running only a select few elevators throughout the day. This proves that it is possible to prevent elevator problems during heat waves – buildings just have to be willing to make adjustments when the time comes.

Cutting down power may not always work however – during a harsh day in metropolitan areas of New York and New Jersey, the NYCT Subway Service Tweeted that several area stations were experiencing escalator and elevator problems because of reduced power sources. So, make sure to take precaution when traveling by elevator during the upcoming summer months – elevator service may not be up-to-par with what you’re normally accustomed to on a daily basis.


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