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English Couple Not Allowed Home Stairlift

Although you may see stairlifts and wheelchair lifts more often in public places like libraries, courthouses and shopping centers, these mobility devices are extremely important for many homes as well. As people get older or face disabilities, having a home stairliftHome Stairlift can enable maximal mobility around a home with multiple floors. Not only does this allow residents to stay in their current multi-level homes, but it also boosts self-esteem. However, sometimes these types of installations are difficult, due to financial restraints or installation laws.

Currently, an elderly couple is dealing with bureaucratic problems regarding a home stairlift in England, according to a story from The Oxford Mail. Les and Ellen Duddrige are attempting to get a grant for a doctor-recommended stairlift, but are caught up in red tape:

“They have lived there since 1966 and have always paid their rent on time, first to Cherwell District Council, then Banbury Homes and now Sanctuary Housing. Mrs and Mrs Duddridge were told a pot of money held by Sanctuary Housing, called the Disabled Facility Grant, was available to help people financially to make adaptations to their homes. But the couple have now been told that because their property was once owned by Banbury Homes, they are not eligible for a grant.”

The article says that the technicality is a sore source of conflict for the Duddridges and their extended family. Sanctuary Housing, the group in question, said that the restrictions were clear when the housing was transferred over to Sanctuary. The group also says that couples can apply for help from the local government. Luckily for the Duddridges, a local lawyer is helping with their cause:

“Sir Tony pledged to take up the couple’s case after he was contacted by the Oxford Mail. He said: “I don’t think the fact who owned it and where the house was transferred from is relevant. ‘They are tenants of Sanctuary Housing, so what can Sanctuary Housing do to make their lives more comfortable?’”


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