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Elevators Can Save Lives

A few posts ago I discussed the issues surrounding the usage of elevators in case of emergencies in high rises, particularly those involving fire. From the post on September 3rd:

“As the need for elevator evacuations began to be recommended as a viable option for everyone in disaster situations, recommendations from the institute resulted in the elevator industry remodeling and upgrading elevators to disregard smoke, a major cause of elevators not working in case of fire. In tall high-rises and skyscrapers, “fire-safe” elevators are beginning to be installed as a precautionary measure to allow fast, efficient egress in case of emergency. These elevators will also enable rescue workers to move throughout tall buildings much more quickly.”

Funny enough, that old mantra about not using elevators in emergencies is becoming more and more ignored by the week. Recently, a man was actually saved from a corn bin using a grain elevator, according to the Farm Forum:

“Emergency personnel used a grain tube, a device commonly used in saving someone trapped in grain. Most fire departments in the area have a grain tube, said Todd Salfrank, battalion chief at Aberdeen Fire and Rescue. Many elevators, such as North Central Farmer’s Elevator in Warner, also have the equipment.”

The trapped man was taken to the hospital with some bleeding from the head, but was able to stand up and get into the ambulance on his own accord. Now I understand that it’s a bit of a stretch to compare a grain elevator with an elevator in a high rise, but they both serve their purposes. If we can develop more immunity in our elevators, maybe they can be used to shuttle people away from danger in case of fires and other emergencies.


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