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Elevators as Advertisement

Ask any person off the street about the uses for an elevator, and he will likely come up with the same answer – it is used to get from one floor to another without having to take the stairs. This is correct, but overlooks how important elevators can be when it comes to advertising. Think about it – people spend a good deal of time on elevators, some on a constant, daily basis should they work in an office building.

We’ve all seen elevators with typical ads, such as posters and flyers on the wall, promoting any number of businesses, products, and events. This is a very smart and savvy way to market to a specific demographic, as some statistics report that more than 500 people per day ride in an average elevator. It’s small wonder that companies spend a great deal of money to connect with consumers who ride elevator ads 01

Traditional advertising in elevators abounds, but the most effective and inventive form today is the interactive ad that can be placed on the elevator doors and landings. For example, you could display two hands coming together when the doors have closed, signifying a new merger or other business deal that’s gone public. Each hand could have a logo on it, and when the doors open, the cabin wall has the new brand name and logo on it.

This blog entry has an entire set of pictures dedicated to these kinds of innovative elevator ads. My favorite is about 2/3 of the way down the page and is labeled “The Divorce Lift.” It portrays a married couple when the doors are closed. The kicker is, though, that when the doors open, and the couple separates, an ad for a divorce lawyer is inside the cabin. These make me wish that I had a home elevator, because I’d definitely put something clever on it.


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