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Elevator Tips for Property Managers

The majority of buildings being supervised by property managers have commercial elevators in them, primarily because accessibility is better than exclusion. However, newer buildings are required to have elevators for handicapped accessibility, so building managers must be aware of regulations and how to properly care for these important transportation devices. PM Advantage has a list of tips for property managers who must keep up to date with proper elevator maintenance. Here are a few of the more important tips:

Examinations Once a Month – Hire an appropriately certified elevator technician to come inspect your system at least once a month. A lot of companies are known for giving cheaper, less time consuming inspections, so ensure that your technician is as thorough as necessary. You want your elevators to be as safe as possible for tenants and business persons.

Long Term Consideration – It may cost a pretty penny in some older systems, but look for updated elevator systems upgrades to help you save on energy and increase satisfaction in elevator users. Don’t forget that having energy conservation in your building can also add to your tax rebates!

Pick the Best Manufacturers – The majority of elevator breakdowns can be due to faulty equipment made by mid-level elevator manufacturers, especially the elevator doors. Make sure to research the elevator companies in your price range and stick with a company that offers a long warranty and has a high level of customer satisfaction.

Keep Records of Elevator Stats – Keep a log of all the elevator statistics that you would like to report to your elevator company and technician. This can include things like downtime, speeds, predictable uptime and tenant satisfaction. Having this information can aid you when discussing issues and concerns with your elevator technician or elevator manufacturer company.




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