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Elevator Safety in Your Home

Home ElevatorIf you live in a major city, the odds that you spend more than a few minutes waiting or stuck inside an elevator are pretty good. In fact, you may accumulate hours in this situation over the course of just a few months. We all know about the elevator problems big cities like New York City and Washington, D.C. have had in recent years, but the amount of lax elevator inspections in other areas seem to be going up as well. How much time does this end up taking out of a person’s day?

In states like Maryland, there may not be as many elevator issues as there are in Manhattan high-rises or D.C. metro stations, but there is always the potential for concern, especially when you look at lift safety. This is one reason why a recent report should give officials some pause – thousands of Maryland elevators (along with pressure vessels and boilers) have not had required inspections. According to The Examiner:

“A report released Wednesday by Maryland’s Office of Legislative Audits shows that 1,549 elevators and 2,943 boilers and pressure vessels were at least three months behind on required safety inspections as of June 2011. In other words, 7 percent of all elevators and one of every 20 boilers did not meet legal standards for inspections, prompting public safety concerns from investigators.”

Even though this report is alarming, the state is showing signs of improvement in this area, especially since the last time an audit was done. The article says in 2010, more than 5,500 elevators in the state were lacking required inspections. Although this number has gone down, there should be more of a push for the proper inspections. What would happen if a problem wasn’t found in time?

Look at this report in terms of your own home elevator installation and its overall upkeep. Luckily, you have the ability to not only inspect your own lift, but also have an elevator technician come annually to perform minor maintenance along with safety protocol checks. Your house elevator is essential to your mobility and daily life, so make sure you stay up-to-date with routine checks.


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