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Elevator Replacement Project to Begin this Summer

La Salle County CourthouseThe concept of the elevator has been around for a very long time – since 236 B.C. However, these lifts used pulley systems operated by hand. The motorized elevators we know and love came into existence in the early 1800s, leaving many decades between the current commercial elevators and these original incarnations. Although the majority of elevators have been long since updated and replaced in older buildings, some still remain.

This is the case in Canada’s La Salle County, where an elevator shutdown is on the docket for at least a few months this summer. Why will the elevator be out of order for so long? The construction crew is gutting the shaft for a new elevator installation:

“When the ancient elevator in the old La Salle County Courthouse in downtown Ottawa was temporarily out of service early this week it gave employees and the public a little taste of what to expect this summer…later this year, likely during two to three summer months, the entire vintage elevator is due to be removed and replaced.”

The article says the $234,617 project is going to completely change the way the courthouse does business. Schedules will be rearranged and handicapped accessibility is going to be paramount in determining how cases are set up.  Other options like stair lifts were considered, but wouldn’t work within the confines of current building codes.

Replacing older elevators is a process that is affecting a number of older buildings, especially when it comes to ensuring elevator safety is complete. As we have discussed in this blog, sometimes there is not enough attention paid to commercial and residential elevator inspections and overall safety concerns. Even though this project in Ottawa will definitely put a few people out, having a new, safe elevator will be a good change for everyone.


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