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Elevator Project Hits Financial Wall

Commercial Elevator InstallationElevators, stair lifts and other assisted mobility tools are absolutely essential in various places. Whether it is a home elevator installation or a stair lift design at a local shopping center, enhancing mobility for handicapped people is a major part of maintaining an open atmosphere and boosting self-esteem. However, what happens when an elevator project faces a difficult financial roadblock? This is the problem in Illinois, where a school is looking at a much larger cost than initially expected.

According to the Morris Daily Herald, a local high school is looking at bids costing more than double the initial estimates:

“GreenAssociates Inc., which is designing the school’s first elevator system, told the school board in November the project would be around $334,000, $10,000 more than originally thought due to the need to add a longer ramp into the lobby area of the first floor elevator entrance. But when bids were submitted by six companies, they ranged from $653,754 to $803,000.”

The article says the price hike is most likely due to the weak economic state that has a grip on the country. Although the school board looked at the bids and discussed the project, no votes were held regarding the bids, primarily because of the massive shift in costs. Although cuts to the project were discussed, that notion was dismissed. Some board members mentioned that the school could use the money for other proposals, such as additions:

“There are smaller cuts that could be made, such as not replacing the ceiling on the lower level and rather patch it, and using different flooring material, but none of this would save a substantial amount, he said. Superintendent Dr. Pat Halloran said a solution to improve student mobility has to be done.”

No matter what decision is made, the issue of easy mobility to all students and teachers must be the biggest consideration – it is too important to gloss over.


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