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Elevator Problems Still Plaguing Big Apple

For many city residents, elevators are an absolutely essential part of life. Obviously, those people who are disabled and cannot climb stairs need these lifts to get up to higher floors in apartment buildings. This is also the reason the some people have residential elevators in their homes that allow freedom and mobility. Other people need elevators because although it is good exercise to climb 4 or 5 flights of stairs, it’s probably not feasible to climb up 50 flights every day just to get to your office. So why is a city filled with very tall buildings having so much trouble keeping elevator operations working?

The city I’m referencing is New York City, where a good number of my blog posts about elevator issues have come from. Unfortunately, this week is no different for those intrepid citizens needing a working elevator – according to, one apartment building in Harlem is consistently out of working elevators:

“Cassandra Jacobs has lived at Lionel Hampton Houses at 410 Saint Nicholas Avenue in Harlem all her life. She says much of this year only one of three elevators servicing her 28-story building is working and she is sick and tired of it. Other tenants agreed that they had long waits for elevators packed like the subway at rush hour.”

The article says that one company is at fault here – BSR Management Corporation, which owns and is supposed to maintain the Lionel Hampton Houses. However, this is not the case when it comes to lifts, which led the Fox story into some details about BSR:

“…the records from the New York City Department of Buildings indicate that in 2011 the building at 410 Saint Nicholas Avenue has had 13 elevator complaints, 10 elevator violations issued by city inspectors, with 5 elevator violations still open or unfixed. BSR Management has been fined $12,500.”

This is part and parcel of the problems with elevator maintenance –routine or not – that I have referenced throughout this blog. If you own a building with commercial elevators or even have a home elevator, make sure yours is in working condition with the proper maintenance and/or repairs.



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