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Elevator News from ‘Round the Web

Every week, there are a plethora of stories about elevators and stairlifts to share with you in this blog. However, sometimes it gets hard to choose when the stories all pique my interest, so this week I’ve decided to write about a few different stories in news bite style. Hope you enjoy!

A Special Breakdown – When is it acceptable for an elevator to break down and make you walk almost 900 steps down? When it happens in the Washington Monument! According to the Salisbury Post, an elevator got stuck, causing visitors to the building to descend using a banned staircase. What’s so special about this unfortunate mechanical failure is the history that these visitors got to see:

“…the interior of the monument has some 200 carved commemorative blocks donated during its construction. They represent states. There is a Deseret block, Utah’s name before it became “Utah.” There are blocks from cities. One from New Bedford, Mass., has a carving of a whale. There are blocks from foreign countries, including one from the sultan of Turkey that has an inscription by the court poet. There are stones from fraternal and civic organizations; 22 from the Masons alone.”

Museum for Elevators? – Elevators have been around for many decades, but does that mean they need a whole museum dedicated to their history? Of course it does! Gothamist reports that one man has put together an impressive museum:

“Creator Patrick Carrajat has crammed some 4,000 elevator-centric items into the second floor of the Taxi Building at 21-03 44th Ave, including, but not limited to: antique meters and gauges, a collection of elevator postal history (including a complete set of first day of issue covers for the 5.3 cent elevator stamp), and a signed photo of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in an Titanic-era elevator.”

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