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Elevator Museum Opening in Long Island

Elevator Museum

Retired elevator executive Patrick Carrajat is in the beginning stages of opening up an elevator museum in Long Island. The museum is meant to show people the importance of preserving elevator history and their impact on the world.

The elevator museum is located on the second floor of the Taxi Building at 21-03 44th Avenue. Carrajat has already brought in around 4,000 elevator-centric items for the public to view. Some of the things you can find at the elevator museum are;Elevator Buttons

• Antique meters
• Antique gauges
• A collection of elevator postal history
• Elevator buttons
• Elevator manuals
• Escalators
• Antique vertical railway cars
• Antique capacity plates

The museum is currently taking donations of any elevator memorabilia. Some recent donations include a signed photo of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in a Titanic-era elevator, a free standing Otis “G” car switch, an elevator operator license from 1931, an original wood step tread from the Otis “L” escalator from Macy’s in New York, and an Otis vertical railway car. As of right now the museum is free to the public but visiting hours are by appointment only.

On the museum’s website you can donate elevator memorabilia of your own or even join the Elevator Historical Society. If you are an elevator enthusiasts yourself, the elevator museum in Long Island is a must-see.

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