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Elevator Lawsuit Shows Need for Inspections

Last year, I wrote a heavy dose of blogs about the number of elevator outages that occurred around the world during the summer months. The main problem behind these breakdowns was the power losses caused by hot temperatures and thunderstorms. However, this summer has shown that a number of the elevator problems are simply due to lackluster inspections and other human error.

This seems to be the case in Philadelphia, where a law office’s headquarters is located. Complaints put up by Cozen O’Connor say that the landlord has not been ensuring that the elevators in the building work. According to Daily Business Review:

“The firm has sued its landlord in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court in an effort to be released from the five-year lease obligation it began this year with 1900 Market GP because the landlord has failed to properly maintain the Class A building and refused to arbitrate Cozen O’Connor’s complaints, according to the court filing.”

Added to the already existing problems in the building is the firm’s decision to extend its lease for another 4 years. The lawsuit stipulates that the 9 elevators in the high rise are constantly breaking down and trapping employees for extended periods of time. There are also serious problems with elevator malfunctioning as well:

“The elevators take people to floors they didn’t select or do not take people to floors they did select, the firm said. The buttons, directional lights, audible function and emergency phones have malfunctioned and the employees complain of long wait times, slow-moving elevators, bumpy rides or elevators that won’t move at all, according to the complaint.”

This story (and subsequent lawsuit) should give landlords and other authority figures to make sure that their elevators are in working order. Not only is it an issue of safety, but the financial implications of not keeping up with proper elevator regulations can be incredibly damaging to your ability to manage a building, whether it be an apartment complex or office building. Keep your commercial elevators in working order to avoid problems.


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